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Brad Pitt


Radical Architecture - route drawings

Lambda prints with acrylic mounts
approx 50x40cm

Photographic based drawings documenting significant climbing routes in the Peak District established throughout the 20th century.

Each image represents route from a particluar period of the 20th century. The earliest is Puttrell's Zig Zag (c 1900) on Kinder Scout, which for it's time was very impressive and even today looks like a modern route because of its line and exposure.

The 40's and 50's are represented by 3 routes, Peter Harding's Valkyrie (1946, Roaches), Joe Brown's Right Unconquorable (1949, Stanage) and Don Whillans Sloth (1954, Roaches) all significant break-throughs or typical of their time in terms of boldness and aesthetic lines. The 70's and 80's are represented by John Allens' Strapadictomy (1976, Froggatt) and Johnny Dawes' End of the Affair (1986, Curbarr) - both astounding climbs and still very much cutting edge today. Strapadictomy featured in a photographic image of Steve Bancroft climbing the route which in many ways ushered in a new age of dramatic visuality in terms of leading edge climbing.

Finally, Brad Pitt - a boulder problem represents the 90's and 2000 because it has two parts to it with the intial problem solved by Jason Myres in 1995 and a sit start added by Thomas Willenberg in 2000.

The climb route name and style reflects elements of the years in which the routes were made as well as the individual style and approach of the climber.

The drawing attempts to locate poetically the shape of the route - the space inhabited or created by the climber climbing it. Rather than just a line indicating the direction of the route I wanted to emphasise the route as an embodyment of the rock and climber's interaction. As if the heat of the climber's moving body has evaporated a line of mist.


Zig Zag (Puttrell c 1900).

Valkyrie (Peter Harding 1946).

Right Unconquerable (Joe Brown 1949).

Sloth (Don Whillans 1954).

Strapadictomy (John Allen 1976).

End of the Affair (Johnny Dawes 1986).

Brad Pitt (Jason Myres 1995 / sit start added 2000 Thomas Willenberg).



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