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T5 field Cinema - Small groups of people going to remote and pertinent locations to watch films and artist videos.

An ongoing, sporadic project of informally showing artist and feature films in interesting or remote locations. It utilises a T5* generation VW van which is converted as a campervan and also for screening video in remote locations (screen, video projector and petrol generator).

For a number of years the T5 field cinema was supported by an online forum as a way to bring together people, films and locations. Participants could use the forum to involve themselves and help initiate or propose screening events. People registered and became involved. Being Belfast based the general potential screening locations lay within an hour or two drive of the city - but anyone could take part via the forum and potentially, commitment, geography and time allowing, in person.

Today the forum does not run, it was more work running it than it was worth, but the T5 Field Cinema continues to sporadically operate informally and at times formally as part of a wider programme of events such as Fix 09 and Port, River, City.

As an ongoing project I look out for opportunities to run it, in a variety of contexts and for a wide range of engaged people, family, friends and wider members of the public.


* T5 - the 5th generation of VW van - lineage of the cult Split and Bay window vans.

Archive of some of the screenings:


Campshires, Dublin Inner City

Campshires, Dublin Inner City Sep 2017
Programme (as part of Port, River, City):
Endpoint. LiveLighthouse stream (throughout - ipad on stand). Cliona Harmey. 2017
Ensnare. 5min. Dara Flanagan. 2016 (Image 7)
Sanity Assassin. 17min. Amanda Beech. 2010 (Image 4 and 6)
He Jumped and Kicked and Spun and Twirled. 4min. David Donohoe. 2002
Aunte Belles’ Door. 2min. Helouise O'Reilly. 2017 (Image 5)
Zombie Line.12min. Shipsides & Beggs Projects. 2015 (Image 3)
Nanowebbers. 3min. Semi-Conductor. 2005
Autumn Scenes. 19min. William Raban. 1978 (Image 2)
Three Points Down to Zero. 15min. Dan Shipsides 2017 (Image 8)


Poolbeg Sea Wall

Poolbeg Sea Wall, Dublin Sep 2017

Programme (as part of Port, River, City):
Endpoint. Live stream - variable. Cliona Harmey. 2017 (Image 2)
The Listening Station. 7min. Allan Hughes. 2008 (Image 7)
Lookout Post. 8min. Hugh Watt. 2004 (Image 4 and 3 - innacurate green because of the camera speed)
Your Silent Face. 6min. Seamus Harahan. 2015 (Image 8)
Orifso. 13min. Lis Rhodes. 1999 (Image 1)
Psychoswimography: Santa Barbara. 8min. Vanessa Daws. 2015 (Image 6)
Three Points Down to Zero. 15min. Dan Shipsides. 2017


White Rocks, North Antrim Coast

White Rocks, North Antrim Coast 26th Sep 2009
Patchy cloud, cool light wind - decent waves. Scottish lighthouse light sweeping the sea horizon.
Jennifer, Morgan, Tonya, James and Dan.

We showed: Lenan Bay 360 (Dan Shipsides), Prospect (Anthony Haughey) and Wave Riders (beautiful and well made Irish surf dvd - there's a great section about the history of surfers going down to El Salvador in their Bay Window VW's) - produced by Margo Harkin and directed by Joel Conroy.


Mourne Mountains, Co Down

DuskBen Rivers
Ben RiversDuskWrath of God
Ben RiversDuskDusk

Trassey Track, Mourne Mountains 4th Oct 2009
Trassey track - Mournes: Full moon and clear cold sky - beautiful.
Dan, Keith, Riann, David, Pater, Henry and Josh)

Exciting drive up the stoney track - bunny hopping boulders and inpromtu road building to get the van up there. Was amazing we got up and down in one piece.

We showed: Cioch 360 (Dan Shipsides), Underdeveloped (N. Irish climbing video - first half based in the mournes - really impressive, scary and aspirational stuff), then The Coming Race (Ben Rivers) and then Aguirre - Wrath of God (Herzog).


Malin Head, Donegal

Malin Head, Inishowen, Donegal May 2012
Malin Head. Wet, windy, beautiful. Dan, Declan, Mia and Louise.
We showed: XXXX, and XXXX and then Fata Morgana(Herzog).