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DAN SHIPSIDES Capella Head Point (series A)

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Capella Head Point (series A)

White ink on Lambda photo print on dibond mount.
Box framed.
28 x 34cm.


Through his lifelong engagement with rock climbing, Shipsides explores how climbing can form a metaphor and agent for the creative act. His practice embodies a creative relationship to space and the experience of seeing, being and doing. His work reflects not just the individual’s engagement with these encounters, but also the social, political and historical contexts that construct our experiences.

The Capella Head Point series presents parallels between drawing and climbing as creative acts that can reflect the way in which we experience life through merging careful planning with random occurrence. The climbers’ journey is given visual form across the rock face, and it becomes apparent that it is not a rational or straightforward progression but instead meanders dramatically and illogically towards its destination, creating a form with numerous associations.



Desire Lines. ACCA, Melbourne Australia. 2013. Solo commission and group show. Curated by Juliana Engberg.

The Faraway Nearby. 2014. Group survey show. F.E. McWilliam Gallery. Banbridge.